Hanging out at the Om Yoga Show

The Om Yoga Show is in London this weekend, so yesterday I dropped by to check out the hundreds of exhibitors. With so much to see and do (including free classes if you have the patience to wait!) it was really very wonderful.

Here are the brands that were the highlight for me…

Five Feathers
Five Feathers and Krystal Roxx 1

Five Feathers and Krystal Roxx 2With London DJ Krystal Roxx on the decks, Five Feathers was hopping with energy and had fab designs (including that rad ‘With Intention’ top) and sweet activewear looks. Five Feathers was founded by London-based yoga teacher Sarah Thompson, and their products are made with sustainable materials.

Inner Fire
Inner Fire Apparel 1

Inner Fire Apparel 2

Inner Fire Apparel 3

Inner Fire Apparel 4

Inner Fire Apparel 5

All the way over from Vancouver was Leah Emmott, founder of Inner Fire, with her stellar yoga apparel designs. I was especially drawn to her tops, which feature witty and pun-tastic mantras that make me smile. I think we’ve all had those I’m just here for the savasana days (I know I have!), and I bet my colleagues at my day job would say I need to make Be a warrior not a worrier my personal mantra.

Nomad Design

Nomad Design 1

Nomad Design 2

Nomad Design 3

Nomad Design 4

Another brand that completely caught my eye was Nomad Design. Founded this year by Georgie Olley – who actually makes each of their products by hand – they offer beautiful accessories, such as the lovely yoga mat bags above, from sustainably sourced handwoven textiles. Georgie was there, and told all about how many of the fabrics selected actually have their own story.

Posto 9Posto 9 Activewear 1

Posto 9 Activewear 2

Posto 9 Activewear 3

I actually met Posto 9, a collection of Brazilian inspired fitness wear, founder Elin Ritter recently for a coffee (there’s a blog post in the works on that one!), and was chuffed to run into her at the Om Yoga Show. She was out in force with lots of great designs and even a range of scrunchies – oh hey 90s-inspired hair accessories! Like her personality, the leggings are bright, colourful, and a treat to practice in.

Raw Freedom by Saskia Fraser

Raw Freedom by Saskia Fraser 3

Raw Freedom by Saskia Fraser 1

Raw Freedom by Saskia Fraser 2Saskia Fraser provided delightfully delicious raw, vegan samples of recipes from her book, Raw Freedom. The Thai Red Curry packed a punch (I’d love to re-create this at home!) and the Chocolate Orange Mousse (which included avocado!) was mouthwateringly good. And the best bit? Even though we were tucking into tasty treats, the individual ingredients were still primarily fruits and veggies! I’m putting this recipe book on my Christmas List this year.

Teeki UK

Teeki 1

Teeki 2

Teeki 3

Made in the USA, Teeki is an eco-conscious activewear line that recycles plastic bottles into clothes. I haven’t practiced in their leggings (and don’t know anyone who has) so I’m not able to comment on how they work on the mat, but my oh my do they look nice!

Hotpod Yoga

Nick from Hotpod Yoga1Now, you lot know I’m a fan of the Hotpod (and its sister Roofpod over in Hackney!), so when I saw Nick Higgins, co-founder, it felt just like seeing an old friend in a room full of new faces. Hotpod is offering classes at the Om Yoga Show, and I highly recommend them.

Today is the last day of the Om Yoga Show, so if you’d like to check it out then I suggest you get a wiggle on! 


Sometimes, you just need to take a break

tea in my dinosaur cup 5
This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while – ever since I gave up the 30 day challenge, in fact. But I was busy with other things and I just kept going and never really got around to writing it. It was only today, well over a year since I wrote the headline and saved it as a draft, that I thought I should definitely get around to writing it. Continue reading Sometimes, you just need to take a break

A silent disco voga experience

Rooftop yoga seems to be the latest fad, and anyone with a rooftop with a view in London is joining in. As part of this trend, Rooftop Yoga Peckham is offering a whole host of styles and times to suit every yogi’s availability and preference at the Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park just outside the Peckham Rye overground station.

I chose to attend a Monday night sunset class lead by House of Voga at Frank’s Cafe & Campari Bar. Here’s how that class went…

Voga at Peckhamplex - Franks is clsoed

Continue reading A silent disco voga experience

It’s a Yogahaven flashmob!

yogahaven flashmob updog
Picture by Yogahaven studio manager Nancy Silverman

Asteya – a sanskirt word for “non-stealing/non-coveting”. Asteya also includes the concept that you should try to be content with what comes to you by honest means. 

Hot yoga studio Yogahaven recently hosted Asteya in Action, a flashmob to celebrate Yogahaven going carbon neutral! Which is an incredible feat considering how high a hot yoga studio’s electricity bill is – and that Yogahaven has five studios around the UK. Continue reading It’s a Yogahaven flashmob!

Hotpod opens a new rooftop venue with the Roofpod

Last summer I wrote about how much I enjoyed Hotpod Yoga’s Notting Hill pop up location, and now I’m very pleased to share with you that the team behind Hotpod have expanded… and now they have a rooftop location in Hackney! They’re calling it the Roofpod.

hot pod yoga netil house from street Continue reading Hotpod opens a new rooftop venue with the Roofpod

Practice makes progress: Agnistambhasana


Recently on my personal Instagram account I’ve been putting pictures of my yoga practice, and of course I’ve been curating what I share to show me in my best light because it made me feel good about my body and my practice.

However, a few friends have since approached me to say they didn’t feel like they could do what I could do – they felt they could never bend like I could. In response I decided to share a picture of my trying to do 8-angle posture, a I only recently  learned how to get into – though I’m not strong enough or flexible enough to reach the full extension yet!

So over here, I wanted to share the most challenging posture for me – the totally passive Agnistambhasana, or fire log pose. If you’re not sure what it’s supposed to look like, take a look at this page on Yoga Journal.

The reason this posture is so challenging for me is because my hips are so tight. I’ve got shallow hip sockets so they used to dislocate easily, and since starting yoga I’ve spent years focusing on building strength instead of flexibility. The good news is that my hips don’t dislocate nearly so much, but the payoff is that my hips are ridiculously tight!

But no matter – practice makes progress!